Hi all! My name is Leanne. I am the owner of Successful Service and I love being able to support my brothers and sisters.

This shop started with a friend asking me to make a Bible cover for her. She said, “If it turns out well, you should think of selling them.” Fast forward several years and here we are.

Originally, I focused on creating Bible covers and tract holders. About a year later, my mom encouraged me to try and expand and think of adding button pins, but I’ve never been a skilled artist and worried about the designing process. I had bought convention pins from another store, and was giving them to my friends, when Rachel looked at them and encouraged me to expand as well. I explained my worries and she volunteered to help with the designs. As soon as Tianna heard, she jumped on board as well. I never would have been able to branch out without their help!

As time went on, my art skills improved and stickers joined the line up. Though I still can’t compare with Rachel and Tianna, I am now at least able to contribute my fair share. My friends Clary and Eva have also joined us with a few designs of their own. They are all an inspiration! And while I’m thanking everyone, I can’t forget Rocio, who prints my business cards and postcards. (She is also the other half of my logo, which was designed by Tianna 😉) And Melissa who is happy to contribute ideas and cheer us on. She has also appointed herself as head of marketing (though the title is about as far as it goes 😂).

And that is the story of Successful Service and the rag-tag bunch behind everything you see. I hope that you enjoy my products as much as I enjoy making them for you! 

Thanks for reading!